Shii Koeii Community & Farm

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Passionate about homesteading and sustainably small farming? Join us for 3 months or longer...

We are looking for 1 or 2 people to join us starting April 1st (or during the farming season) to farm beside us and also...learn how to build a strawbale house! Come join us in Colorado's hidden gem, the gorgeous Huerfano River valley. With mountains on three sides, and more cows than people in our county, we consider this part of the world a piece of paradise.You will strengthen your organic farming skills in an arid climate, including dairy goat husbandry. You will work the two farmers markets we help manage (and have the opportunity to learn to manage them as well). You can also learn to make cheeses, natural skin care products, and from bread-baking from scratch. This year you will also learn strawbale home building (see below for more info)!

*Please be advised that we allow no use of marijuana, for medical or recreational purposes, during the tenure of your time with us. If you are in sufficient pain, or have sufficiently challenging behavioral health conditions, that you require medicinal marijuana, this work will be too difficult for you.

*We require a stay of 3 months or longer and previous farm experience of at least 1 month. We welcome WWOOFers who can take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions. We will only consider applicants with a demonstrated history of keeping their commitments. WWOOFers must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.

We are one hour's drive from the nearest large city of Pueblo, 25 miles from the nearest large town of Walsenburg and five miles from a village of 200 with few services. Our county is large, yet only about 6800 humans live in it.

*A passion for hiking, walking, and exploring a beautiful natural environment is strongly encouraged. This is a fantastic place to enjoy or study the stars. The neighborhood is good for hunting and trapping, fishing to a lesser extent.

*While we like to eat together and share communal chores and some leisure time, you must be able to enjoy quiet and a social life that may be very different than you currently enjoy.

*During the growing season, we expect 6 hours of work 6 days a week as well as a few hours per week for domestic chores.

*Compensation: Full room and board (including most incidentals) is provided. You will eat VERY WELL here, but you must be able to eat the food we grow and create here (we can accommodate vegetarians and omnivores only; we regret that we cannot accommodate other special diets, including gluten-free, paleo, frutarian, etc.). Wifi is provided. We provide additional compensation we'll share when we speak with you.

*You will receive clear, written and oral communication on your responsibilities. You will have regular performance reviews.

“Shii Koeii” means “the people's water” because to the Jicarilla Apache the water as well as the land is sacred and precious. We are not indigenous, but we also believe this, and aspire to a life which reflects this belief.

Depending upon the timing and duration of your stay, you will also learn natural strawbale building including:

1. Site selection, environmental factors.
2. House design including scaled drawings
3. Passive solar heating and cooling, proper glazing
4. Building Permit process
5. Foundation from earth removal, leveling, digging, forms, re-bar to concrete pour
6. Timber framing with little more than a chainsaw, pencil and muscle
7. Building site safety
8. Roof decking & tar paper
9. Roof insulation, final decking and metal roofing
10. Strawbale walls and proper orientation
11. Rough electrical wiring and electrical inspection
12. Rough plumbing and plumbing inspection
13. Window and Door framing and installation
14. Outdoor and indoor natural earth plaster
15. Floor insulation, gravel, adobe and finishing
16. Final Wiring and Plumbing
17. Interior walls
18. Interior Carpentry
19. Bathroom and Kitchen installation
20. Required outside landscaping
21. Off-grid solar expansion and battery installation

Despite the changes in Colorado state law, we allow no recreational drugs at Shii Koeii, including medicinal and recreational marijuana. We do allow the smoking of tobacco away from the buildings, caffeine (within reason), and a VERY limited amount of beer or wine.

It should go without saying, but please be advised that homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and all the other -isms have no place here. We are an open, affirming community for adults of all sexual orientations and gender identity.

We are thrilled to host people from all over the world. We speak English, some Spanish and very limited French. If we don't speak your language yet, we'd love for you to teach us!

Regrettably, we are not set up to host children at this time, nor can we host pets. This is non-negotiable so please don't ask.

Email us at [email protected] or send to Shii Koeii Farm, 2224 County Road 541, Gardner, CO  81040. 

We require one work reference and a second reference that is personal or work related. Please give us the person's phone number and email address.



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